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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we request a shoe distribution in our community?

If you would like to host a shoe distribution in your community, please contact Sole Mission @ [email protected].

We will send you an application to complete and send back to us. After we receive your application, we will set up a video or teleconference to discuss the details of a distribution in your community.

What should I know about hosting a shoe drive?

Hosting a shoe drive can be an exciting adventure for churches, businesses, civic groups, etc.

If you would like to lead a shoe drive, please contact us @ [email protected] and we can give you some ideas others have used to promote shoe donations in their organizations. Some of these include hosting a Shoeper Bowl Party, a World Shoeries Party, A Shoely Cup party, a Championshoe Finals Party and of course the beloved March Rad Shoeness Party. Christmas Shoe Drives, Barefoot Sunday for churches, or Barefoot Work Day at a business. We have had businesses offer discounts to their customers who donate a pair of shoes. One lovely young lady had a birthday party when she turned 13. She asked her friends not to bring her presents, but pairs of shoes. When all was said and done, she received over 100 pairs of shoes which she donated to Sole Mission.

Do you prefer to receive monetary or shoe donations?

The simple answer is YES! If you would like to raise money or give a personal donation, we have relationships with several retail companies. We do not pay more than $5 per pair of shoes on average. So if you would like to give money, we will be good stewards of your donation and stretch those dollars. This also allows us to fill gaps in gender and size of our inventory. However, shoe shopping is great fun, WE SHOULD KNOW! Shoe shopping can be a great life lesson in generosity for families. Parents may take their children to a retail center. Let them pick out a pair of shoes in their size, then donate those shoes. Whatever you decide, we are grateful for your investment in our kids.

What size shoes do you need?

We need all size shoes. However, the most requested sizes in both boys and girls are in the range of a toddler 10 to a youth 6. Sole Mission provides every size available from infants/newborn all the way up to a Women’s 13 and a Men’s 22. Buy whatever size shoe you wear or your child wears and we promise you we can give it away to a child in need.

Do you accept used shoes?

We only give new shoes to kids through Sole Mission. For many of our kids, this is the first new pair of shoes they have ever owned. There is something very special for a child to receive a new pair of shoes. If someone happens to donate a pair of used shoes during your shoe drive, “let not your heart be troubled” we will find a good home for them through one of our partners. Again, we only give new shoes to kids through Sole Mission.